Hi there! 

My name is Melissa, and I would love to tear your closet apart!

But seriously. 

I was born in Chicago, but raised in the Mitten. I live in Chicago part time when I'm not in Grand Rapids, Mich. with my son, Gerrit. I love music, but especially enjoy intimate live concerts. I have traveled to many cool places, and continuing to explore the world is one of my passions. My favorite vacations allow me to immerse myself into a new culture, meet new people, try new foods and take in the sights, sounds and smells around me.

Some of the best memories I have involve family and friends, a fabulous home-cooked meal, and a big glass of wine! I have always been fashion forward, begging my mom to take me shopping from the day I could string a sentence together. I enjoyed styling myself through all stages of life, which often led to my friends and family asking "What should I wear to (insert event)?" or "This outfit is missing something; what is it?" Helping both men and women exude confidence in what they put on everyday is what I love best about being a personal stylist!

Since I started doing this "officially" more than three years ago I've learned that being a personal stylist is about so much more than just shopping for clothes. When you book an appointment with me, you gain a friend who keeps you and your style in mind all the time. I am known for picking up pieces for my clients when I am out shopping for myself, because I know they would absolutely die over the piece.

Inviting me into your closet doesn't equate to you spending money on all new clothes, either. My specialty is coming into your home, and quite literally, tearing your closet apart. I work on putting outfits together from what you already own, leaving you with photos on how to recreate the look. In the process, I also help you declutter and clean out your closet and wardrobe. I work with all different ages, shapes, sizes, body types, styles and budgets. Nothing warms my soul like helping individuals feel good and confident in what they put on every day. 

I am not a one & done gal, either. I can help you pack fashionably and sensibly for vacations, style your look for special events to avoid last-minute stress and meltdowns (we've all been there), styling you for photoshoots such as senior portraits, family photoshoots, maternity photoshoots, engagement photos, and so much more. I am your go-to girl for all things fashion!

Have I convinced you to let me into your closet yet? Let's do this.


Photo by Kate English Photography

Photo by Kate English Photography


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