Melissa Foster

The 411 on Spring Break Packing

Melissa Foster
The 411 on Spring Break Packing

No one loves the P word… P A C K I N G! Spring break is here and for many of us, it’s time to decide what to bring and what to leave behind for a week of relaxation and fun. If you are last minute like me, you will be rushing around this week making sure you have everything you need  for your trip in the midst of tying up a million lose ends. Here is a packing list of suggestions for clothing, toiletries, medication and technology.


I recently traveled to Cabo and my suitcase was overweight, oops! Sooo, I’m going to suggest you learn from my mistake. L E S S  is more. Most of us are heading to warm, beachy destinations and that means one essential item, a bathing suit. You will most likely be living in your bathing suit everyday—so, pack 3 or 4 and be sure to include cover-ups. This year, bright fabrics, floral prints, off-the-shoulder, crochet and mesh bathing suits & cover-ups are the rage. Pack light jeans and a denim jacket or sweater for colder evenings. I always throw in a black sundress, it’s versatile and can be worn with a denim jacket or a statement necklace. Remember to pack clothing items that you can mix-and-match throughout your trip.

A beach bag, sunglasses, hat and flip flops are beachwear essentials. I don’t pack my expensive sunglasses—the cheaper ones get tossed in so I don’t get upset if I lose or break them. I’ll be honest, I usually pack way too much jewelry. I would suggest packing a couple fav pieces of statement jewelry that you can mix and match. Shoes…stick to flip flops, one pair of versatile sandals and sneakers—I promise you will wear the flip flops 90% of the time.

Toiletries & Meds

Don’t forget the basics—just make them travel size: hair products, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, deodorant, facial wipes and shower gel. Sunscreen, after sun lotion and lip protectant are also a must. Reapply often--nothing worse than baking in the sun and getting burned and let’s not even talk about the peeling, ugh! It’s wise to pack ibuprofen for overexposure to the sun or to help cure the occasional hangover ;) and  Emergen-C or Nuun hydration—an electrolyte supplement to keep your immune system in tip top shape. A couple other items I like to have on hand: small swiss army knife with scissors & cork screw, tiny first aid kit and Dramamine.


It’s a vacation-- so don’t go overboard on tech gadgets!. Here are a few essentials to keep your Snapchat and Instagram buzzing while on break: camera, phone, headphones, tablet and all chargers—be sure to download your favorite books, movies and shows. A waterproof case for your tech is always a smart idea and keeps the water and sand out of your precious cargo.

Buen Viaje!  XO Melissa

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