mindi f.

MindiFreng Designs


As a busy mom of four, trying to balance a changing body shape on top of all that is work and home life, has been a struggle for me.  I don't have the time to stay up with trends like I once did. Before Melissa, I found myself wearing a lot of Matilda Jane because it was unique and “stretchy,” meaning I didn’t have to rebuy my whole closet every time I changed a size. I hadn’t even worn jeans in over two years. I had no idea where to start when someone gave me Melissa’s name, but I’m so glad they did.  

Melissa and I spent the first few hours of my appointment going through my closet. I tried things on for her, throwing each piece into one of three piles: donate, sell, and keep. I was able to sell enough of the items I already had to pay for Melissa's fees, easily!! I really appreciated her honest opinions on things that just didn’t fit right, or were outdated. She also encouraged me to keep a few things that I wouldn’t have thought we could give new life to, showing me different ways to style it. After that, it was on to shopping! We spent time at Nordstrom Rack browsing and trying on things I never would’ve tried before. Again, Melissa was honest, and I was very comfortable saying how I felt in things as well.  She challenged me to get outside of my comfort zone and create a new look that would work in a professional setting, as well as on dates with my husband. I’m very happy with all the progress I’ve made in my wardrobe and dressing myself. I also really like having less pieces to choose from, knowing that the ones I do have look good on me. I don’t spend as much time staring into a full closet thinking I have nothing to wear! 

I can’t wait to schedule another shopping session with Melissa for next season! 😊

Kimberly h.

I often get compliments about my outfit choice and/or style... my first response ALWAYS is “my sister dresses me” (truth 😉). I couldn’t do it without her, it’s not my thing. Ever since we were kids, this girl has had it! She’s a natural and she makes you feel like a million bucks (without spending that much). If you get a chance check out her new blog and give her a call!! It will be so worth your time.